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Organic Nourishment Capsules now available in 100 vege capsules 

An organic multi-herbal nutrient-dense formula in easy-to-take capsules. Within the Organic Nourishment  Capsule, 14 superfood ingredients are in balanced true “food state” for easy absorption and utilisation by the body and include wheatgrass, baobab fruit and other nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables and herbs. Contains all of the essential nutrients, phyto-chemicals, dietary fibre, beneficial oils, vitamins and minerals required by the body. Benefits of Organic Nourishment Capsules;

  • Healthy Nails and Hair
  • energy levels
  • detoxification
  • body alkalising
  • antioxidant levels
  • recovery and convalescence
  • digestive problems
  • body alkalising
  • the menopause
  • use as a mild colon stimulant and cleanser
  • during times of stress
  • a healthy metabolism
  • For people who dislike the taste of fruit and vegetables and who have a poor diet.

·         optimum health Daily milligrams count is not the most important factor: The number of milligrams consumed of a certain vitamin or mineral is only part of the health equation. The most important factor is how many milligrams the body actually assimilates and uses. Even healthy People will not be able to fully digest, assimilate and utilise most man-made vitamin and mineral pills. So Imagine how little use they will be to people who are ill or suffer from digestive system problems – virtually Zero. They will simply pass through your body unabsorbed and be flushed down the toilet after a few hours. This is where the ingredients in differ – we have combined some of mother earth’s most Beneficial and nutrient dense herbs with orange and lemon peel making it a ‘Nature Balanced’ whole food Supplement. This natural food state enables the body to utilise the herbal nutrients properly. Dosage & Usage: 1 to 6 Organic Nourishment Capsules taken 3 times per. As is a food, it can be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal. Daily usage varies from 3 to 18 caps per day, depending upon requirements. To aid a body detox programme, increase to daily dosage up to 18 caps per day. Ideally taken as part of nutritional therapy treatment or to re-mineralise depleted clients following treatment. Optimum health. Best results are achieved when taken continuously for 3 months. Also suitable following colon hydrotherapy, low energy levels, stressed clients and as a general multivitamin & mineral formula.


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