How To Correctly File Your Nails


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Tips to Correctly File Your Nails

 Nail filing is one of the most important parts of nail care. Filing is used to give your nails a proper shape and helps prevent split ends, broken ends and rough edges. Knowing proper nail filing techniques can definitely protect your nails from breakage. If you want better nail filing results then try to select a correct tool. For simple nail filing, Avoid using metal file because it is harsh for your nails due to its more coarsely grained surface. Do not think that using rough grain file will save your filing time. Fine grain file will do your job more efficiently but make sure to replace it often. Fine grain files wear down easily, and you may be tempted to handle a worn file more aggressively. This will usually lead to nail breakage. Here are some tips for filing nails;
Tips for filing nails
- Nails should be always dry while filing because wet nails tend to split more easily.
- Make a proper angle of 45 degree to bottom side of the nails tips while filing your nails. Do not hold in the perpendicular position to the nail tip.
- Do not file on the nails that are not properly grown, wait for ideal nails growth means when the tip of the nail has grown one quarter inch from the nail bed, or the pink part of the nail.
- Use a nail clipper to clip the bigger nail portions to get the basic nail shape of square shape or oval shape. Don’t clip in the center of the nail, but use two cuts, one on each side of the nail. Clipping the nail makes your filing process easier
- Start on one corner of the nail and move towards the center of the nail.
- Apply minimum pressure and file the nails in one direction for smooth finish.
- Use a short motion followed by long motion to file your nails.
- In order to prevent nails from breakage give your nails an oval or square shape.

- After filing the nails, wash and moisturize your nails.